The Real World

I have all these plans for the future or “The Real World” as I like to call it (note: also a great MTV show). So my plans are to continue observing and learning from social media. I’m not a very active social media person, I’m more of a social media wallflower. And because of this one of my goals is to become more involved and creative in social media. I think that posting about some of my designs and work can help get my name out into the world. Social media can act as a great portfolio for my work. I myself follow many artists and PR professionals that use social media as a means of increasing their reach so why not give it a go for myself.

I’d also like to network some more though social media because I think it’s a great way to make your name aware to other professionals and maybe even future employers. Social media is  a great way to easily stay in contact with network contacts. Social media is a game changer for many professionals. Both negatively and positively. This class gave me great in-site and tools on how to keep my game positive. It also brought awareness to the strategic behind-the-scenes aspects of social media. It’s a whole new world when I get onto Twitter or Facebook. Almost like I know all of the secrets now!


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