To Grad-School Or Not To Grad-School

Graduation is nearing (next semester), and I have yet to cement a plan for the future. Recently I have being hearing opposing arguments on graduate school being the “right way to go” after graduation. So I did some research and found a blog by the Public Relations Society of America, which is a professional PR society that is represented not just around the U.S., but also at UNM. (I almost joined, but couldn’t find the time to attend the meetings.)

A post written by Janet Krenn, a member of the PRSA, shared her findings after surveying and interviewing several successful PR professional PRSA members about whether their career benefited from getting a graduate school degree. She found that overall, these PR professionals, believed that their graduate degrees made them more marketable and successful in find and keeping jobs in their career.

“Several said their graduate degree qualified them for positions they were interested in. But the greater benefits seem smaller, two-thirds of those surveyed said that their graduate degree has provided everything from strengthened skills to credibility.”

She also asked the question if graduate degrees are becoming necessary, which is a trend that I have seen recently even outside of PR. “6 people believed a graduate degree will allow you to ‘keep up’ with your peers. ‘A graduate degree is now considered a regular requirement for some positions so it may not provide as much of a competitive advantage as it did in the past.'”

After I read this post I made the decision to finalize grad programs that I’m most interested in for the future. And I will start planning for a future in grad-school. But for now I’ll just concentrate on getting through my bachelors alive!


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