Creativity and Techie Skills…

After graduation two of my most feared and least confident skills that I know I will need in my future career are creative and technology
(techie) skills. Maybe it’s just part of being human, but doubt in yourself is something that is a constant challenge. I know that in my future career my knowledge of technology (including design software, work programs, etc.) will be tested. There are many programs as a designer and in the PR world that I have yet to experience that the people around me (competitors for the same jobs) may have more experience and more overall skill with. The same goes with creative skills.

And the true problem is figuring out how I can overcome this fear and lack of confidence. How can I make sure that I can offer future or prospective employers a candidate that has these skills? How can I be confident in the skills that I already have? Only recently have I really tip toed on the edge of learning about various creative software like design programs, video editing programs, etc.

I have about a semester or two left of school and my goal is to each month experiment with a different software or program that I think I will need in my future PR and design career. One program per month. I think this way I won’t become too overwhelmed with learning multiple programs at once, and I think that focusing on one program per month will, not necessarily by any means make me a pro, but it will give me foundational knowledge that I will need for the future.

Gaining confidence one program at a time!


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