The Sport Industry.

From my very early interest in PR and Communications every time I looked ahead to my future I always imagined myself working for a sports organization. Something like the U.S. Olympic Team or, my very favorite, the Pittsburgh Penguins. I imagined this because it seems like such a fast paced environment to work in. My love of sports has a little bit to do with this dream as well!

So of course when I found out this is what I wanted to do, I did what many teenagers do and I followed as many sport organization social media accounts along with their (if they had one) PR/Communication accounts. I also did research on the internet about sports PR and the major people in the sports PR world.

From this research (especially the social media aspect) I wanted to learn how these accounts were being run and who was running them. And many of the PR/Communication social media accounts provided a behind-the-scenes look of what these communication and PR professional were doing and their day-to-day work lives. I found out that some of these professional travel a lot and they always work with a team.

Following a lot of sport social media accounts also allowed me to see that what the industry was posting is different than what many other industries post. Most of the posting is “live” and without “campaign” planning. I’m also able to see who they are networking with on social media.

Though social media I’ve even been able to ask advice and just general questions from these PR/Communication professionals. Some even have developed into conversations! And I think something like that wouldn’t have been possible without social media.


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