the enemy.

When I first thought of the many possibilities of brand competition with my beloved Pittsburgh Penguins, I wasn’t sure how broad to go. Should I go with another sport or should I go with another NHL team? So eventually I decided to go with THE enemy, aka. the Philadelphia Flyers.

Now I know it may not seem like their is a large competitiveness between brands, but it is a BIG deal, like the biggest deal! And I don’t think this sort of compare and contrast exercise would go well with just any NHL team from say Colorado or Canada, but because these two teams reside in the same state (and not even that big of a state) I thought that this exercise would be interesting.

The first thing I did to scout out the enemy’s camp (that’s what I’m calling their social media) was looking through their Twitter and Facebook almost immediately I spotted some differences and similarities between the Penguin’s sites and the Flyer’s sites. While Pittsburgh likes to actually add videos to their social media, Philadelphia uses links to redirect users to their main website. This is a pet peeve for me when it comes to social media because when I see a few words and then an ugly link I’m just not going to be interested enough to click on it. Maybe if their was a picture involved I might be more interested, but for the most part this is social media, I’m looking for fast content and being redirected to your website to watch a 30 second video just isn’t cutting it for me. If it’s shorter than 3 minutes, then please go ahead and post the video in the social media feed.

Some similarities I saw between the two team social media sites  were “live action” tweeting of games, press conferences, and pre/post game interviews. I also saw that they both liked to shout out players social media accounts when talking about that specific player in a tweet. I think that this is a great way to get more people involved with the players and their lives. It makes fans feel like a part of the team family.

Something that I saw lacking on the Flyer’s social media were retweets or shares from outside sources like fans, sport blogs, major sport news sites, or even the actual team players. A major thing that I like about the Penguins is that they like to retweet fans and players. And I like this because, like I mentioned in the paragraph above, it makes the fans feel involved. And I think that is what makes social media successful is getting people involved and making them feel apart of something larger.


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