Content. Content. Content.

My favorite content on social media is sort of opposite of that in my daily life because I am a reader. Like a real “books are my friends” nerd! I will read no less than two books on a busy day. I know, I have a serious problem on my hands. However, when it comes to social media, I hate to read posts. I just can’t stand it. Give me an amazing picture, give me a video, give me an ad. I will more than likely pay attention to a sponsored ad with a photo than a friend’s three sentence paragraph. And that may make me somewhat of a horrible friend, but if they had posted a picture instead I wouldn’t have ignored them. So I’m just going to say that it’s partially their fault.

Anyway back to the content discussion, I think that the main reason for my preference of videos and photos is that I like my social media to be quick. It takes me less time to look at a photo. And when I’m watching a video, if it’s entertaining, I don’t care how much time I’m wasting! And I can watch a video while simultaneously doing something else. I can’t do that with words.


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