Creating Memories

There are many times where the things I create are for myself. When I’m happy. When I’m sad. Whatever the reason every design means something. As designers we put effort, time, love, and even some frustration (okay sometimes ALOT of frustration) into what we create. Each design takes a part of ourselves. When we express ourselves through this art, it becomes something that will forever reflect what I felt in that moment of creation. I know this sounds so deeply profound, but it is the truth. So when we create something for others we get to share a part of us with them and in doing so because we’re creating with them in mind we capture apart of them as well.

Just this weekend my older sister asked me to create a baby shower invitation. And because I love my sister, and of course I’m like the GREATEST sister ever, I said yes! But it goes deeper than a simple question and answer. My sister has given me the privilege to create something that will be the first invitation to celebrate a new life. My nephews life. This creation will be an invitation from my sister to all those she loves to join her in this journey. This design will create excitement and love. This design will be carefully laid in little Mateo’s baby book together by his grandmother and mother. It represents a dream come to life. It is a keepsake. It is a memory. As designers sometimes we get the amazing opportunity to create something that will signify so much more than just a simple design. We create memories.


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