Zoetica Media: How to Handle Online Criticism of Your Business or Organization

I see online criticism most days of the week when I’m scrolling through social media, especially when I am looking at the comments on a popular brand/company site or post. So when I saw this post on the Zoetica Media blog I chose to write about it for this weeks class blog.

I like that they first start out the blog by giving examples of simple every day boo-boos when it comes to responding back to a critical post about a brand/company on social media or even an initial post from the actual brand/company that ends up creating a frenzy of negative traffic to their post and social media page.

First off I can understand how easy it is to read something negative and, without a rational thought, responding back in as little as a few taps and a click, but what I don’t and can’t understand is going out of your way as an employee or OWNER of a company and initiating a negative and alienating response about a customer! This is the last example they offer about a Caffe owner posting on Facebook negatively about two mothers and their children leaving crumbs on the ground when enjoying a meal at the Caffe.

Not only did that owner just alienate PAYING customers, but they also alienated pretty much anybody who as a parent has taken their kids to eat at a restaurant. So basically a lot of people. And that post generated negative buzz directly onto that Caffe’s Facebook account.

Zoetica doesn’t go into detail about this example, but it does highlight many interesting and helpful suggestions for how to handle any online criticism that brands/company’s may encounter. One of the biggest take-aways that I had with this blog post was their suggestion that social media handlers approach any encountered critiques as a human. Not as a policy or a strategy or a media robot, but as a human being. Step into the customers shoes, and treat them not just as a customer should be treated, but as a human should be treated.


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