Favorite Brand


When I’m not nerding out on design or books (see past posts), I’m most likely watching some sort of sporting event. I grew up playing many sports and I still try to involve myself in as many as I can whether it be physically playing or just watching on TV. My most most most favorite sport though is one that sadly I’m really very bad at playing, hockey. So of course I have a favorite team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. And before you ask the question let me tell you, no I’m not from Pittsburgh nor have I ever even been to visit, but somehow fate aligned and I became a fan of the best professional sport team on the PLANET!

And truthfully this class blog works out so well with how I became besotted with the Penguins because it was really through social media that a love and bond was cemented. When I first became aware of the team/brand I did what any child of the 21st century did and I went online to seek more info from the teams main website and social media sites. The Penguins do such a great job at continuously updating their sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat) as well as posting content that is of interest to followers and fans. I know that for me the content and excitement I got from each posting was what really truly nurtured a relationship and forever fan in me.

The team uses their main social media sites to supply game updates to fans that aren’t able to watch live (like me who is usually in class), they really use Twitter to its fullest potential by posting live play by play action from the game. They also post many videos and behind-the-scenes photos of the team and even the players home-lives. The social media team does a great job of using social media to link content back to their main hub, the Penguins website.

I also am a frequent visitor of the side social media sites the team offers, like that of the actual social media team and other employees that provide a behind the scenes of the teams oerations. Both types of the Penguins social sites are very interactive with fans. I myself have gotten retweeted and responded to by the main twitter page and some of the side pages run by the employees. They do a great job in involving you in the team and making it feel like we are all one big family!


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