Falling In Love With Design…Again

We all have those days when the thing we love and enjoy the most becomes somewhat tainted by outside and sometimes even inside forces that make us hate hate hate. I’ve had many a times when design is just the very LAST thing that I want to do. And on many occasions this design dread is usually brought on by what I like to call design block.

Design block is basically the same thing as writer’s block, it doesn’t matter how hard and focused and inspired you try to be you are just blank. There’s nothing there. And boy is it frustrating especially when a project for school or work is due soon and you need all the design gods that were ever created to save you. But sadly I don’t believe in the design gods. Well I’m not a full 100% believer, but perhaps more around a 13% believer! But that’s still a 87% fail rate so basically you are all on your own. Anyway I’m going to drag myself out of writing any more nonsense and get to the point: don’t FREAK out and don’t GIVE UP.

Take a breath and go do something that will take you away from the designing madness. And I know that it easier said than done. I am a complete control freak, but I have learned to switch of my wired and crazy brain and create a care free place where design just doesn’t exist anymore. It’s in this place where I can breathe again. And when I come out I’m ready to be inspired and I accept whatever the design gods have in store for me. 🙂


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