Social Media Content

When I’m scrolling through my social media sites I tend to notice that the posts that hold my attention are the ones who’s content appeals to me most. I think overall that is what is most important when thinking about what content to post on social media. What is my current audience interested in? What will appeal to them? And this appealing content will be different for each company and each audience. Whether it be two vastly different companies like Baby’s R Us and Goodyear Tires or two relatively closely related companies like Target and Walmart. So I think it’s important to know who the audience is and what they want to see on social media.

For me all the social media pages that I follow I already have an initial interest in. I have already devoted time and effort into following a specific page because I am interested in the content being posted. But, I need those companies or social media pages to keep my interest. If I’m following Target I want to see news on discounts and photos of new featured clothes that they have because that is what I go to Target for. However, I also want to be entertained. This is where “humanizing” or personality comes into play. I also like when companies ask questions through social media. It’s like having a conversation and it gets people involved.

This question concept is also where I think companies and social media professionals can become more interactive with their followers and customers. Ask questions. Answer questions. Invite a conversation. All of these are excellent ways to not only get to know your followers/customers, but to also reinforce and strengthen current follower/customer relationships.


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