I first joined Twitter in the summer of 2012. And like most of my social media use I ended up becoming more of a spectator than an active participant. Meaning I never really posted anything myself, but I enjoyed seeing what others posted. I immediately started following my favorite actors and comedians who each kept me entertained. But sadly my interest in Twitter declined and after two years I stopped visiting the site all together.

So the question is, what made my interested dissipate after being so enthralled daily for two years? After some thought I think one of the main reasons is that the fast-paced lifestyle of twitter just didn’t fit into my own lifestyle anymore. I found myself too busy in the everyday schedule of my life to set aside time to keep up with everything happening with all the people I follow on Twitter. After following a certain amount of people and like the David Carr article said about Twitter being a “friction free” all you can post site, the missed and unread tweets start building up and building up. This became frustrating to me, that I was missing things and it started to stress me out, thus Twitter was swept under my rug and forgotten about.

The things I miss most about using Twitter are the news updates that can be easily received from all the various news networks that I followed. I first learned about major incidents like the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, on Twitter. With both of those situations the news networks were able to, through Twitter, update the public on the minute by minute status of each incident. And I think this is all possible because Twitter is so “friction free.” Unlike most social media where it’s looked upon negatively, Twitter sort of has that green-light that allows users to post as much as they want without being bothered by grumpy people complaining. However, I could be wrong in that last statement, Twitter might have grumpy people too.


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