The Adobe Tutorials


Oh Adobe, Adobe, wherefore art thou tutorials?

You guessed it! Today, I want to talk about tutorials, but not just any tutorials, Adobe design software tutorials. Now if you didn’t already know, let me catch you up by telling you that Adobe design software are basically the Holy Grail of design software. I’m talking about the ever so well known and sometimes hated Photoshop, as well as others like Illustrator, Indesign, Lightroom, etc.

And though they can be confusing and many times frightening to you when first introduced to their magic. Once you start exploring them and using them they will become your best friends. But, how do we begin the adventure of learning and loving Adobe software? Well other than just freely exploring the design products tutorials, or tuts as many call them, were and still are my saving grace. And out of all the tutorials I have viewed my absolute favorites come from a website called TastyTuts.

Whether you are searching for something specific to learn or just want to learn something new this is the website to go to first. You can view the videos on their site or if you so wish they also post their videos on their Youtube channel.


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