The Power of Video Storytelling

Storytelling via video is increasingly becoming a popular and successful way for for-profit and non-profit companies to connect with their audience. Charity: water’s video “Rachel’s Gift” is a great example of taking a story and using video to tell it. Though there are many ways to tell a story whether it be through audio, photographs, and words, video is able to encompass all of these. Which is why I think video can be so much more versatile than any other media form. It is because of this popularity that  video is now a feature on many major social media sites. Some sites like Vine revolve solely around video storytelling. Most companies have caught on to the success that video offers and have benefited from the power of video storytelling.

The lesson I learned most from reading about Charity: water’s success with “Rachel’s Gift” is what Jamie Pent said about creating a video. She says her biggest lesson learned is that though you can strategically plan out a video all you want you might end up with footage that just doesn’t directly correlate with what is on your checklist. Unplanned footage can in the end be what gives the story being told life. Along those lines of diverting from the plan is also being open to different perspectives because those too can be what makes a story real.


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