A Plethora of Resumes

Happy Saturday!

Today I’d like to talk about one of my favorite things to design: resumes. At my job I have the privilege of reviewing many resumes. Whether it’s for hiring purposes or editing those of my fellow coworkers, resumes surround me every day. And I’ve read in multiple places that the average time a hiring manager spends viewing a resume is only 6 seconds. After some thought, I agree with that assessment because after reading through piles of resumes that all look alike, hiring managers start narrowing down their search, now they look for specific things, usually very simple things, such as: school alma mater and the name of your last company you were employed at. These specific things are usually insignificant compared to your skills and experience (which should always be on your resume).

So how do we get these hiring managers to notice us out of perhaps maybe hundreds of applicants? We have a better resume design. I am more likely to pause and actually read through a resume that is more visually appealing and custom designed, than one that looks like all the others. With a custom designed resume, you keep all your skills and experience on the page, but you are also showing anyone hiring you that you care enough to spend time to ensure you are noticed. You are showing them that you are creative. And let me just say it: you are a breath or fresh air.

Here are a few of my favorite sources for resume design

Original Resume Design: Though there main purpose is to sell you a       resume design, I like to get design inspiration ideas from all the cool templates they feature.

Can Beautiful Design Make Your Resume Stand Out?: This is a great article that discusses the benefits of custom designing your resume. It also features some before and after photos of resumes.


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